Leading by Example

MessengerFintech is a family owned, privately held investment company that has been active in Nordic, American, Asia and European capital markets.

MessengerFintech has always been and will continue to be an independent and contrarian investor, active in parts of the capital market that are less developed. Why? Two reasons.

Partly because these are the areas where you can find the most interesting investment opportunities, but also due to our deep interest in being involved in the development of capital markets so that they better serve the needs of companies.

We aim to be a powerful and meaningful source of development capital for our current investments. Our aim is simple.

To help ensure that credible, functioning and profitable companies have access to the capital they require.

Our Mission

MessengerFintech's mission is to care for the family and preserve its assets and ethical values for the benefit of future generations. To fulfil our mission, we have built an international setup with trusted partners in all key markets, enabling us to carry out our services around the clock.

Our Philosophy

MessengerFintech's approach to Private Equity and Venture combines three of our core beliefs: A long-term investment horizon that matches the right people with the right ideas while building strategic partnerships that benefit both parties.